What is the Certification for a Safe?

High security safes are checked by a Safe Certification Organism like ECB-S and VDS to determine the burglary resistance grade. In order to ensure the equitable and invulnerable procedure, the test are conducted according to international standards like the EN 1143-1 Eurograde european system.

How exactly are these test conducted?

Resistance to burglary test according to the EN 1143-1 European system takes into account the following factors:

1) The amount of time needed to gain partial and full access to the safe.

2) The type of equipment needed to penetrate the safe.

The test starts at the precise moment that the first tool makes contact with the safe. According to the EN 1143-1 standard, the tools are categorized to five groups, A, B, C, D and S. The first goal of the group is to gain partial access and subsequently full access. Based on the time needed and the tools used, the group decides on the security grade. The security grades start from GRADE I and reach up to the higher security grade witch is GRADE V.( After consulting our guide “Free Purchase Tips” at our central menu, you may have the answer to the question “Which safe is suitable for my requirements?”)